Equine Chiroporactic Services

Chiropractic offers tremendous potential in animal health care.  It belongs in the health care spectrum along with medicine, surgery, acupuncture, homeopathy and other such modalities.

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About Us

Dr. Vaughn is a chiropractor in Castle Rock, Co that has extended his expertise and training into animal chiropractic. Since being in practice Dr. Vaughn has seen how chiropractic can improve performance and quality of life for both humans and animals.

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What to Expect

The treatment procedures utilized in Animal Chiropractic include the adjustment of vertebrae, the adjustment of the extremities and the adjustment of cranial sutures.

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Benefits of Equine Chiropractic

  • Loss or decrease in level of performance
  • Problems or difficulty executing desired movements
  • Behavioral changes such as ear pinning, teeth grinding, bucking and head tossing
  • Subtle lameness
  • Decreased range of motion and flexibility
  • Diagnosed conditions, such as degenerative arthritis
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What is Equine Chiropractic

It is the evaluation and treatment of joints in the horse that can become restricted and interfere with normal function of the animal.  Just like in a human, restriction of a joint can impair normal nervous system function and performance of a horse.  Improving the range of motion, dynamics of a joint and comfort of an animal will optimize its overall health, performance and well being.